Welcome the DAZZLING Diablos.

Dazzling Diablos is a collection of 7,777 algorithmically generated NFTs, hand-illustrated by @jonhanlan on the Solana blockchain for 0.5 SOL each. Every one of them possesses their own uniqueness, made up of 120+ traits.

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What's the story?

In the deepest reaches of the underworld lived a large village of diablos. This particular group of them never seemed to fit in to their surroundings. They weren’t evil, but rather only wanted good for the world. They have a puppy-like innocence to them, and like puppies they may occasionally nibble on you but they would never hurt a fly. They are kind-hearted and aspire to do good for the world.

That’s why they had to flee the fiery pits of hell. So, they joined together and set out on their own journey. With the sole purpose to spread kindness and love to every living creature. You see, diablos are an inspiration to us all because they can help remind us that we all have our inner demons. But we can make peace with them over time and cultivate the goodness inside of us all.


Jon Hanlan is an illustrator and artist from Canada that has accumulated more than 2 billion views on GIPHY, with his many GIFs spreading throughout the world on social media platforms. He has also worked with clients such as Tabasco, Kellogg’s, GIPHY and Honda.

Being a collector himself he wanted to give back to the community and create the absolute best project he is capable of. While growing a community around his artistic universe and sharing good vibes along the way. He’s also planning to release more collections, as well as 1-of-1s moving forward.


Ah, the burning question. Well, besides them looking hella fantastic on their own — this is a passion project with heavy attention on detail that features one-of-a-kind animated artworks. It is an art focused project, as it is artist-led. And therefore especially important not to over-promise.

There are many ideas for ways to benefit holders, such as future airdrops from the artist, special benefits for Jon's future collections, custom social media stickers and AR filter for your NFT, building a community-run collection of artworks from other Solana creators, partnering with brands to create exclusive merch, partnerships with metaverse projects, and much more.


Each attribute made up in this dazzling universe has been hand-drawn and animated, typically frame-by-frame. A tremendous amount of time has gone into the project to achieve the particular art style showcased.


Every single Dazzling Diablo is hella cool and fresh, no doubt. But, there are some that are more rare than others. They are comprised of 120+ hand-drawn traits and below is the complete rarity chart.


Put simply they are a collection of 7,777 NFT collectibles that exist on the Solana blockchain.

An NFT is a unique, digital item that is proven and managed by a blockchain. They can be anything from in-game items, digital collectibles, tickets, and many more use cases. You can hold them in your wallet, or buy and trade these tokens as you wish.

Hold your pitchfork just one moment and take a deep breathe. Minting will cost 0.5 SOL. The drop date is yet to be determined, but will be announced on our Discord and Twitter soon enough.

After you mint a Diablo you will see the token appear in your Solana wallet.

Solana is a more environmentally friendly blockchain and there is more and more talent being added to the eco-system everyday. Also, this being an artist-led project it made sense to create one with lesser complications. I originally had planned to make it a project with a token, and a bunch of other utility. However, I didn’t want to overpromise and overcommit. I found useful resources and a helpful developer on Solana and it thankfully came through.

Wallets are limited to 5 Diablos in the public sale. Limiting the number of mints per wallet allows for a fair distribution of the tokens, as well as attempting to stop bots from swooping up all of them at once.

There is a lot of potential for future endeavors, however it is important not to over-promise and hold true to the core mission of this project — buying for the art and the brand that Jon aspires to develop within his artistic universe of the Diablos and others down the line.

There may or may not be benefits for holders moving forward.

They sure are, among other things — delightful, diligent, darling and of course die-hard pizza lovers.

OK, that’s a weird question. But I’ll answer it, whatevs. They actually smell of a lovely mixture of vanilla, fresh sheets and the best perfumes you’ve ever laid your nose on. It’s incredible, and their texture is that of the softest puppy ever. Hopefully one day VR technology will get so good that you’ll be able to experience them in their fullest.